By Dori Cranmore RN

When you hear the words Cannabidiol, cbd, Marijuana or Cannabis how do you react? For some it means breaking the law, getting “stoned”, acting giddy in swirls of funny smelling smoke, or eating a lot.

Old news! For so many it’s the answer to relief. Relief from debilitating pain, chronic anxiety, nausea, arthritis, diabetes, PTSD, autism, schizophrenia, seizures,alcoholism, strokes, Cancer, Parkinson’s and the list goes on.

All pain is caused by some type of inflammation. The non-psychoactive component of Cannabis, Cannabidiol (cbd), is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory cannabinoid part of cannabis that contains no thc.

It was discovered in 1940 and has been used for many years with an amazing wide range of therapeutic benefits. There have been no recorded negative side effects associated with taking it. Dozens of scientific studies have been recently published and backed by thousands of individual claims of cbd’s healing properties. It is quickly becoming an incredibly popular treatment option secondary to its relatively low cost, safety and proven effectiveness.

So what about the legality of using it? It is now legal in all 50 states as long as it contains no thc! Every human and animal has Cannabidiol receptors, meaning the body utilizes the cbd in different ways. Kind of like a metabolism. Dogs generally get great results by using about 1mg per 10 lbs of body weight. Humans can react with as little as 1mg and can take more as they need it. You can find cbd oils and balms pretty much everywhere you look now, but like any other supplement there are poor quality products, so-so quality products and really great quality products.

Everyone wants you to buy theirs. Some say only buy USA grown products. There is so much to know about this. Is it grown in hot houses or in its natural habitat? Is it pressed or CO2 extracted?(CO2 is the superior method so the cells aren’t disturbed). So much to choose from. Oils, balms, lotions, capsules, etc. I love the gels that can pack a whopping 15mg or more cbd in each tiny capsule. What I’ve noticed as the best overall delivery method is the emu oil based oils and balms.

Here’s what I know about Emu oil. It’s a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Emu oil has been used for thousands of years for treating wounds, burns and pain because it is naturally anti-fungal and antimicrobial. Emu oil can penetrate 7-8 layers of the skin vs coconut and olive oil that can penetrate only 1-2 layers. Emu oil contains EFA (essential fatty acids) which also maximizes the bio-availability of ingested CBD. When this happens the homeostasis (balance) attempts to return to the body giving longer lasting relief. (Aponi Biobotanica holds the only patent on the emu oil delivery with cbd oil). So the way I see it you get more bang for your buck!

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